Introduction: The Watchtower.

September 14, 2012

 Now we all know that I'm a major nerd. Comic books and Cartoons are some of my favorites. When I moved out of my childhood home, I found a little apartment which was perfect. I'm calling it the Watchtower. Now if you do know what then that's great, but I'm still going to explain it for everyone else who isn't quite in the know.  The Watchtower is the Headquarters for the Justice League, it is the base for all of the league members in Young Justice. What better name for my new place than the watchtower?

  I'm so excited to have a place all to myself. A place I can decorate anyway I please, and showcase as my own little orb of space. I can't wait to fully be moved in and decorated. And on top of that I can't wait to SHOW you guys! And now I can because I just got my internet and Phone line hooked up!! So The Watchtower is officially in business.

Welcome Home. Clearance Number 07981. Spokhette.

Mistress Out,



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