30 days of knitting: Day 6

September 6, 2012

What's Your favorite piece you've ever knit?

   My favorite knitted piece would have to be My Hello Kitty Makeup bag, It was a commissioned piece for a 6 year old girl and I tried to channel that when I put it together. I tried to stay true to Hello Kitty, because Every little girl loved Hello Kitty. She's an icon like Barbie, or Cher. This is my favorite because the client was extremely pleased, and there is nothing better than making a child smile, literally its worth its weight in gold. 

  It was also my favorite because of the Aesthetics and the functionality of it. Completely knit in purl, it kept the holes to a limit, kept it from having small things fall out, and plus she's a six year old, all they have is small things. It had a velcro Clasp so everything stayed inside. The face was completely made out of felt and stitched on. with hot glue as a back up. You know how kids are their rough with their items I had to make sure it was sturdy.

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