Makeup Series: Vibrant Pink

August 7, 2009

Okay, so I know I haven't been here in a minute, but it's really not my fault. It's all this work. Today is payday, but I was off and I wasn't going to go all the way up to work just to get my paycheck no matter how big its going to be. Going to dinner with Masai and the fam next saturday, and I'm kind of nervous. I don't know if they'll like me. I hope so, I plan on being in his life for a good minute at least.
I have dabbled in some makeup tutorials, and I have the finished product photos. Every time I do one, I'll post up the photos, on here, so make sure you check back every now and again. This is Vibrant Pink! Let me know what you think! Isn't it just darling?!
You can find the tutorial at
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