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October 15, 2009

I know it's been a really long time since I had an actual entry. A synopsis of exactly what happened on which day and I know that it's been missed. (At least, I've missed it.) And with people actually reading what I'm writing for a change. (It's really nice actually, but half of me wonders if I'm going to have to go federal*.) I really would hate that. If I did that, that would mean that you wouldn't be getting my actual word, and that's the whole fugly* truth of it. The whole point of having a blog is to express yourself.
Like my friend Julian told me not to long ago. I should watch what I write. I should...but I won't. When I write, it spills out of me, and I shouldn't have to siphon my rivers. They should be able to flow wherever my curves take them. (lol) If I want to express myself a certain way, then I will, and they can kiss my caramel ass. Ah, I love bitchiness in the morning.
Now, Like I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted by red tapers* all over the USA, a real entry has been sorely missed and I'm here to once again bring it back to the forefront! Tomorrow, is Friday. The end of the week! I used to love it. Of course that was when I was in school and not wasting away in a salmon-walled prison of my own design. Oh! To have a car, or a license and to be able to travel to wherever one pleased. It must be a wonderous feeling. I however wouldn't know.
But don't despair! I DO know how it feels to have overbearing parents that don't respect the fact that your eighteen and not twelve, and won't let you ride the bus...Ah parents, and their pastimes.... Today, my mother and I had yet another screaming match. Which ended like all the others do, us being hog-raven* mad at each other. I flit around the house doing the chores, she says I don't touch anymore, and she stays in her chair. She does that until of course she pops out of nowhere into the kitchen and pulls me into the longest bear hug I've ever had to endure.
Now I know for people who don't know me this seems like a very bitchy way to talk about my mother. But like I said, that's for people that don't know me. My mother and I have a very special way of speaking and conducting business with each other. We scream, we yell, and perhaps even throw things and an hour later, we're Shaggy and Scooby. That's how it is and that's how its always been.
However, this reconcilation was very different from the others. Drama is a must. But bear hugs? Crying? Telling me that I have to fix this? Whatever this is? Very different. Definitely something that needs to be investigated, this has never in the history of all our fights, circa '92, occured! What am I to do? A cancer/leo, throw in the towel?? NEVER! So, using my cunning intellect, I have to decided to do one thing and one thing only.
To do the one thing I can do. Do the chore and do it before they open there mouths. Ah, but there in lies the rub. You just don't seem to understand the speed in which they discover things! When I was younger, I flirted with the blog thing, but my parents disapproved and I did it on the DL. I'd have an entry, maybe two and then BAM! They'd be on me like bats outta hell! As I said, that was when I was younger, now I'm perfectly happy staying commited to my little blog. And I hope you are just as happy to commiting to read it.
I mean sure sometimes, I skip a day. And maybe, I could use a little more of those grammar rules and sure, sometimes, I use words that don't really exist in a college dictionary and I love using my profanity silkened* tongue, but you have to admit. (shrug) I'm adorable. And when someone is adorable, no matter how much it pains me to admit, they get what they want. But alas, I'm rambling. Back to the subject at hand, and also the fact that I have to wrap this up. 30 minutes until Vampire Diaries...Everyone say Ah!
Tomorrow, is Friday, and I'm holding a tres important study session with my boyfriend, yes, you remember the one. Teddy bear cute, glasses, graphic design major? (eyebrows waggle) Yes, well he seems to be a having a touch of ze layabouts*. So I'm going to help him! Yes, me. Little ol' me paired with a thick as hell Photoshop book, homemade cookies and lace...lots of lace. But I'm getting ahead of myself. That's for him to see, not you guys. Not yet anyway, you know he mentioned the darnedest thing last night. I should be a sixen* Yes, that's right, a make love to a pole, swing my clothes in the air, sixen*.
He's not the first person to tell me this of course, but he's the second to tell me, that I should look into it, around the same time of the year. tres creepy. Of course, I said no. I mean could you imagine. Little, innocent me, sliding down a pole? Why I never! (smirk) So I'm very excited about seeing him tomorrow. Then I was reading the newspaper, and alas, they have an art exhibit that YOU have to go see. Roaring Tigers and Leaping carp: Decoding the Symbolic language of Chinese Animal Paintings. From now until, January 3rd, can you say yipee?*
Well, I mean it is if you live in my little city. Plus, our art museum is free! Yes, you heard, FREE! So, that would be like the perfect date. Hint Hint, wink Wink, Nod Nod. You know, sometimes I wonder how much my beau really knows. Like the other day, he brought up the title of my newest tutorial in simple conversation. I've only mentioned my videopage once. And the fact that he checks in periodically, is adorable. My blog is connected to my page, I wonder if he's ever visited? Ai! 10 minutes! I better wrap this up.

*Yipee:Yay, hooray!
*Sixen: a stripper.
*Ze layabouts: Being lazy.
*Silkened: moistened, dripping.
*Federal: censored.
*red-tapers: People who use red tape in the media, to censored results.
*Hog-raven:ticked off and beyond talking down.
*Fugly:Haven't you seen mean girls? Tramp.
Don't you just love my made up language? Be sure to look for more new wonders. Ah the wonders of not being under mind control..



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