Gamer Famelle: Gladys of Usagi In Wonderland

June 22, 2015

Hi Gang!
  We're starting this week off with a bang! I was able to interview Gladys of Usagi in Wonderland over the weekend. Make sure you guys go give her lots of love on her blog and twitter! Read on for awesomeness.

Playstation or Xbox and why?
 I lean a lot toward the Playstation. I had a PlayStation 1 and when the Xbox came out, it didn't grab me like the PS platforms did and as they came out with systems and most the gamers were available on both, I just kept going with the PS. I still own my 360 but never upgraded, I finally broke down and got myself the PS4.

Name your top 5 games.
 Animal Crossing (Any of them)
 Duck Hunt
 Marvel V. Capcom 3
 Resident Evil: Code Veronica
 Mickey Mousecapades

If you would be any character who would you choose and why?
 Lara Croft. She gets to go on all these crazy adventures and discover things.

If you had to live in a game's environment, which would you choose?
 Animal Crossing!! I get to run my own town, decorate my home, fish, catch bugs, plant flowers, hang out on an island.

Are you a fan of Pokemon? If so, what are a couple of your favorites?
 I am, but I only know the first 150. Mew is my favorite of all time.

Do you have any limited editions of Consoles?
 Pikachu Nintendo 64, Hello Kitty Dreamcast, NES Controller Gameboy SP, a Puple PSP, the 20th anniversary PlayStation 4.

Are there any games that are popular overseas, that you wish would be brought to the states?
 As of right now, I don't know of any, but I am a fan of the rhythm games that require you to have something. I have a game on my PS2 that uses a tambourine. It's a rhythm game with songs from a famous girl band. I have the pad for Pop n Music for my PS2, they are all imported.

Is there any game-related memorabilia you cherish?
 My Hello Kitty Dreamcast, I think I am one of the few that love the Dreamcase and to own a Hello Kitty version is really cool.

 You aren't the only one, I was so in love with my Dreamcast that when it stopped working, we bought three more before giving up. I was ecstatic when I found Jet Set Radio in the Playstation Store.

Do you get a lot if any flack for being a female gamer?
 I've been lucky not to have any kind of flack. I only game with friends online, otherwise I play alone or Co-op with the Boyfriend.

If someone was new to gaming, and you wanted to get them hooked, which game would you suggest they play?
 I'd take it old school and get my Nintendo out and have them play Super Mario Bros with me. Sometimes, I'll recommend Disney Infinity. I try to start them off slow but I have made the mistake of saying GET RESIDENT EVIL PLAY IT NOW, and then they don't ever ask again.

What would you tell parents, who don't let their children play video games?
 I think gaming is fun for all ages and with kids, let them do it in doses or as an reward. My stepdaughter games with us and sometimes on her own. She isn't glued to the TV playing hours on end, even though sometimes we do get stuck playing LEGO Batman 3 for five hours, and then "oops, it's bed time." A lot of games are really great for creativity like Disney Infinity. We get the chance to build levels/worlds and she has a blast with it. I call her a game designer and that could be something she may do in her life.

If you were going to get a gaming tattoo, what would get  and what's it's significance to you?
  I have one! It's Bullet Bill from Super Mario. I love the Mario games it was the NES that got me into video games. Boo's my favorite character but white doesn't work on my skin, so I went to the next best thing.

Do you enjoy games, even when there aren't any playable female characters?
 I do, but I really wish there were more games with lead female characters.

What are some up and coming games that you are looking forward to?
Assassin's Creed because of Evie Frye. Star Fox Zero. Animal Crossings: Happy Home and Amiibo Festival. DOOM. Fallout 4. Disney Infinity 3.0. Star Wars BattleFront. LEGO Marvel's Avengers and LEGO Dimensions.

 Make sure you guys go give her lots of love! If you have any questions for her leave on the twitter!
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