Boy, I love this place

June 11, 2008

Yesterday I had dance, because ya know, it was tuesday. Dance I thought was dress rehearsal, so we ran around the house for hours at a time, looking for spare pieces to our costume and getting our hair done and lipstick and make up only to get up there and find that its actually next week. Needless to say I was pissed! So I had to go through an entire class full of hot air, in a hot costume for nothing! I was mad!!!!!!
My friend Sam is always teasing me. I heard that when a boy teases a girl it means they like each other? Is that true? I'm asking for people with experience in this situation, because ya'll know that when I get to see a member of the opposite sex their either a. Gay, B. Family, or C. Not interested. So, its me Musically_inclined, asking for a life preserver because I am drowning in this parallel universe where what you don't say matters and what you do doesn't.
!!!!!!Happy Birthday Jerrah!!!!!
Best wishes from ur favorite cuz

I have drama practice tonight. I haven't had it on this day since april. It feels wierd usually I just sit around and fiddle with my computer. Now I get to get out and be free. I'm finally finished with the debutante slideshow. I get to unveil it myself on saturday at the meeting wish me luck. I'm taking it to practice tonight so I can show it to shawn and see what he thinks, he was working on the website for Anything goes, so he knows a little something. Hopefully, it will be all good.
And once it is perfected, I will upload it here. For now tho, you'll just have to chill. This has been ~Fireshade~


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