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February 22, 2012

  I know I haven't written for this segment in a while.  But between school and work, I haven't really gotten a chance to knit or even crochet! I have so many projects that Ive been wanting to work on/ actually finish. I've been commissioned to make a change purse for a colleague. Here are some of the in progress photos of my work, I really miss photography, and I miss my hobby. I really need to start making more time for my crafts.

Her design calls for a cross-body strap, and inside sections on the side, so I am making one long piece that I can sew on the sides. So it will be a three piece project.
The Front and Back pieces. The back piece will be longer than the front so that it will have a flap closure. I can''t wait to make more products for the shop. I am looking into getting a moleskin planner for my life, I need something that's big and has enough space for everything I have to deal with. 


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