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December 6, 2013

     The last three weeks have the best and the worst I have ever experienced. I've had some really tough times,  and I really wish I could just file them away and never remember them again. So far, for the month of November, I've had my electricity turned off for no reason, Ive had both of the back cylinders on my car replaced, and since I was driving before I figured it out, my breaks could have gone out at any moment, which of course is highly dangerous, and then right before Thanksgiving, my apartment was broken into. They got away with all of my electronics, and a few of the cords, but the most important thing, they took my camera. I hadn't even had it for an entire year. I loved that thing, and someone took it from me. Honestly, I'm mad about all of the other things they took, but those are replaceable. Hell, even the camera is replaceable, but those photos? The ones still on the sd card, still in the kit? I'm never gonna get those back. Ever, its not like the people who stole it is going to have a conscience and email them to me. I'm never going to see those photos again. Just the thought of that, has made me so depressed that I haven't even wanted to journal, digitally or analog. I just don't understand how these things occur. I'm a nice person. I don't cheat anyone out of anything. I don't say no, instead I try to find a way to help everyone. When people come up to me on the street, I give them, what they ask for (Within reason) I don't smoke, I don't drink, and I've never stolen anything. I've never done anyone harm, and I am respectful to my elders. So why does it seem like everytime I turn around, something is screwing me over? I feel like that heroine in the Korean dramas. The one where all of the embarrassing things happen to her and at the end of the episode she is on her bed, rolling around screaming misfortune. Now I have a party to get ready for, that starts in less than 3 hours. My hair is a mess, my dress, shoes and tights are in a whole other location and there are 2 hills and countless high ways full of snow and ice, and dangerous drivers standing between me, and the location of the party.
Montage Sheer High Waist Black Dress  I'm so nervous about this party. Like I spent three weeks looking for the perfect dress. Pretty, but conservative. I found a really pretty black dress, with a sheer overlay. And I ordered it. 2 weeks ago. Its the night of the party, and it still hasn't arrived at my door. So last night I decided to go to the mall and see if I could find a dress fitting for the occasion. Where I lack in good luck, I make up for in finding sales. My mother and I went into Debs, and found that they were having a buy one get another 60% off on the entire store! So I bought two dresses. One is red, strapless, one of those hi-lo maxis, and then I got a knee length dress. White lace overlay on top of a rose pink strapless. and I bought black booties, with a platform heel to finish off the outfit. Hopefully, the day gets better, because I clearly have hit my limit. But in the good news department, I have a boyfriend.

Until next time,

P.S. Do you guys have any bad luck stories? I'd love to know I'm not the only one in the world having these issues. As always, the conversation continues on twitter!


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