Opinion: Music of the week.

August 3, 2014

Hello Lovelies,
 So I guess this opinion thing is going to happen a lot more often then I expected it too. Thank you internet, for giving me the ability to forever be able to blog about something! Today, I shall talk about music that I have discovered this week on youtube.

Flawless Remix/Beyonce+Nicki Minaj: I was a ginormous fan of the original song and her new album. She brought something that hadn't been talked about in "mainstream" before. Women were more than sexual beings for men to use and enjoy. You could come into your own, and be your own woman. You can be independent, you could be whatever you wanted. The piece of Speech/poetry really clenched the song for me. When I heard that there was going to be remix with Nicki Minaj, I ran, and I mean flew to my laptop to go listen to it, and even as a fan of Nicki since before her jump off mix tape days, I am disappointed. They took away literally everything that flawless stood for. I'm sorry but I'm not buying it!

Really Don't Care/Demi + Cher: I love this song! Upbeat, catchy and just all around fun. I love that she shot it at L.A. Pride. People really really need to get over this gay thing. They are just people like you and me. It honestly isn't a big deal. The only thing wrong with them, is that YOU are trying to keep them from having the same rights as I do.

This is How we Do/Katy Perry: I just feel like Katy is at that stage where she can do and sing about what she wants because she's pretty well known. Many celebrities get this way, and they just have a ridiculous funny album that people listen to when they're sad. I feel like this is one of those songs, also I don't honestly really know what I watched... Did I really just see an animated twerking strawberry ice cream cone?

Anything Goes/Lady Gaga+Tony Bennett: I am biased. I absolutely love Anything Goes, Even though lately, Lady Gaga's music and I haven't really seen eye to eye. I really enjoyed the rendition she did of the title song! Super Jazzy, And her musical talent really shows through, no bubble dresses, no meat heels, just her, short blonde hair, powerful lungs and a beautiful voice. Just as it should be.

P.s. Now back to your regularly scheduled Programming.

~Stay Nerdy!~


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