Halloween Countdown: Animal Costumes with North East Nerd

October 10, 2014

Halloween is as good a time as any to dress up as your favourite character, but you know what is 100% better than a good costume? A good costume on your pet dog or cat. I've scoured the internet to find some fantastic geeky costumes for dogs and cats. Basically, if you enjoy looking at cats or dogs on the internet, read on because it is going to get cute and funny all up in here.




Catman and Joker

Harry Potter

Hello Kitty

Headless Horseman

I knew the internet was a portal in to the world of cute cat and dog photographs but who knew they'd look so adorable dressed up? Which is your favourite pet costume?

 photo fiona_zps1032f091.png

P.S. Ain't she the cutest? I have a feeling that my two little kittie cats are going to be incredibly annoyed with me, come November the 1st!! Make sure you guys check out Fiona's Blog: The North East Nerd! 

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