A Walk through the roses

January 27, 2015

Hi Gang!
 Personal style is back on the Menagerie, and I am hoping this time that it will be staying put.  Now, that I have a fancy camera, AND a doting boyfriend, issues of Outfit Photography should be a thing of the past! Once a month, my Mother's side of the family gets together and has breakfast/brunch and everyone comes together and talks about whatever has been missed. Generally, it lasts about two to three hours, and is filled with loud voices and cheerful laughter.
 Since it's a once a month thing, I take it upon myself to actually attempt have a sense of style and get dressed to confirm it. Between going to work, and staying at home with my gaming and my knitting, my everyday wardrobe consists of a tank and sweatpants, but I want to change that this year, so hence, I will be sucking it up and doing more style posts! We went to eat at Japanese Buffet, and it was DELICOUS! One of my favorite dishes is their crab casserole, to die for! It is one of my favorite restaurants in town, and I must admit that I stuffed myself.  I have more outfit details on my chictopia, which I plan on bringing back to life, along with outfit posts on the blog! I wore: Converse in Chocolate. "Knee-High" Socks. White Flowy Top. All Bought at Burlington. The Strapless Dress is From Rue 21.

As Always, the convo continues on twitter. Do you guys have any family traditions; other than Holidays?

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