Cosplaying Goals for 2015

January 28, 2015

Hi Gang!
 I am taking a cue from Mia and creating a list of costumes I would like to create this year. I haven't cosplayed for a while, and I am literally itching to get back to it. With all the help I can forsee coming from scoping out  CosplayCents + The Geeky Seamstress archive's I'll be up to snuff to create some awesome stuff, even some of the super complex stuff on my Cosplay Bucket list. Below is the list that I am hoping to actually complete. There's 12 of them, but since it's already the middle of January, I'll have to put some of them on the back burner, or save them for future conventions!!!

- Sailor Uranus: One of my favorite sailor scouts ever! With all the hubub about Sailor Moon Crystal, I thought it would be the perfect time to bring back one of the favorites! Plus, it's a double wammy, I can use Haruka's wig in the King Costume a little further down.

- M: If you aren't aware; Monet St. Croix is a telepathic mutant. One of the few Muslim comic characters. I'm really digging her bodysuit, and the experience I gain from this will help with Lien Neville and Linna Yamazaki costumes later.

- Shermie: a favorite King of Fighters Character, one of the originals. Her Costume, is one of the simpler ones, a blazer, mini skirt and Leotard with a boob window, and then the wig is just a pony tail so easy to style.

- Lien Neville: Another King of Fighter's character, There's just something about a blonde wig, that I am just a huge fan of. She's definitely on the sexier side of my character choices. This should be easy to create her body suit with the experience of M's Costume, and then I just add a zipper. This will definitely be one of my favorite suits when I'm done.

- Hinaka: Also a King of Fighters character, she is perhaps the only one I have never come across in the game before. I chose her, because I like her costume, and it seemed pretty simple to put together. I am just jumping back into the swing of things, so I definitely don't want anything that is extremely scary, or involved.

- Mignon Beart: Have you figured out just how much I like King Of Fighters? It is one of my favorite arcade fighters, I used to tour the tournament circuit when I was younger and going to conventions all the time. Gotta get back into that as well. The costume isn't that difficult just multiple pieces on top of each other, I am looking forward to having a pink wig, pink is one of my favorite colors. She's a very upbeat character.

- "Grunge" Marceline: I have always been a fan of Marceline from Adventure Time. I knew that if I was going to start cosplaying again that Marceline would be one of the first costumes I would finish. This particular costume; Mini dress, Blazer, fishnets and tights, is definitely a great beginner costume.

- "Bunny" Bulma: Dragonball was one of my first animes, Young Bulma being one of my favorite characters. This costume is sexy without being racy. Honestly I am just looking forward to being in a bunny suit at a con and all that male attention. Joking Joking!

- King: King IS my favorite King of Fighters Character. She is always on my 3 piece team, and she is one of my "bucket List" Cosplay characters. A super easy costume, and I can use the same wig as with Haruka's Costume.

- Momoka: The Final King of Fighters Character, I am sure you guys are excited about that. Her costume is so adorable! This will be a super easy costume, and definitely one that I can pull off in the summer, without being too revealing. I also adore her fighting style very similar to Christie's in Tekken.

- Linna Yamazaki: Newbie to the Tokyo Bubblegum Crisis gang, and I am in love with her skinsuit. Maybe if I was a little more experienced I might attempt her outside mecha suit, but that is just way too scary to contemplate at the moment. Plus her hair is so similar to mine, that I can save money by not needing a wig.

- The Rocketeer: I am absolutely in love with the feel of her costume. It's totally 50's super pinup and I will wear whatever comes with garters. They've always been one of my favorite pieces of lingerie. I've already been looking into how I will make the mask, If it becomes too difficult, then I might commission it. Anyone know any awesome mask makers?

Until Next Time,


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