Comics Round Up #18 Spoilers

December 2, 2015

Hey Gang!

 New Month, and I'm ready for a whole new slew of comics to tell ya guys about! Today, I'm covering Paper Girls #1-2, Batgirl #44-45 and Monstress #1.

Paper Girls, Monstress, Batgirl

Paper Girls #1 -2: I'm a little confused about the time line for Papergirls. Are they in the 60's? The 40'? or is it a recent timeline? There are apple products, but they're using walkie - talkies to communicate while on their routes? I love that they are actually papergirls though. I think its such a cute and interested idea. I like that they are the first ones, and I like that they stick up for each other. They're kind of potty mouths, but whatever, It's literally papergirls fighting Aliens, what more could you want?

Batgirl #44-#45: Can we geek out over Frankie being able to control things with her mind? Like Seriously, that is amazeballs. I'm a little annoyed that we don't have any villains that last more than an issue or two. I feel like the story is constantly restarting every issue. Pretty excited about Barbara and Luke, even though it feels pretty rushed. Can we talk about how colorful the wedding issue is? Oh my goodness, just looking at it fills me with joy!

 I like Grayson and All, but there really was no need to have him in this issue, he just seems cheesy. Although I did think the chase scene was pretty cute. I love how prepared Barbara is for the wedding, she is ON IT! I love how happy all the girls look in the wedding issue, and it even looks like Babs, Frankie and Dinah are becoming fast friends. Why can't they have one good, fun filled issue? Who is the that guy? Why is he counting down? Ugh, Poor Babs, I hope it isn't mind control.

Monstress #1: Lets just take a minute to pause and respect how freaking beautiful the art is in this comic. It is one of the most beautiful book I have ever seen!!! The art is what drew me to the comic, and now that I'm reading the story, I am NOT a fan of the slavery aspect. I do really like how strong Meika's character is. Although, I am a little confused about how I should be rooting for, I like that Ilsa might be a double agent, but I'm not too sure. As long as Meika keeps Kippa safe, then she's A-OK with me. I am so anxious for the next issue. I want to know what happens NEXT!!

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