Goodbye cruel cruel job...

September 15, 2009

Well, you'll be seeing a lot more of me, now that I've lost my job. (insert gasp here) I know quite shocking. It was shocking to me too! But it is what it is. So I began looking for a new job. And discovered that there was a foreign language bookstore down the street from my house?! I'm waiting for them to call me back! That would be an awesome, job, surrounded by books and within walking distance, I don't think I could ask for anything better!
Their are also an alarming amount of comic books around my community within reach that I was unaware of! The shamefulness of it all just astounds me. I would have updated last night, but I was sick as a dog, with ...a disea
se. I don't know, I'm still recovering so my analogies kind of suck! I was turning hot to cold and cold to hot again. I was taking off clothes, I was putting on clothes. I was tossing my cookies, I was putting on a heating pad and a cool wash rag, I was rolled up in a comforter. I was a mess... I was like that most of the night, until sexy redd gave me some midol! She RULES! Did I tell you she's a rapper?! Yes, I am cool enough to have an accomplished rapper as part of my family, isn't that awesome? She's done duets, with GUCCI! GUCCI Do you hear??? I'm done gloating now. lol
So, you know how you go get seventeen or Cosmo and see like really pretty people? But then you close it and go on about your day wishing you looked like them? Well now you can( insert here the cheesy infomercial music here.) I've actually taken a seventeen magazine (donated to my worthy cause by my fashion designer in training cousin Ecstacii) and have written down the actual products these people used...and where you can get them?! Isn't that great? Now everyone can look like (Insert favorite famous person here.) And I will be making lists of them, that look good together so m
ake sure you look for it, it'll be in the newest category. Makeup log. So look for it, and if you're really interested you can see my old blog with my other things on it. Please do keep in mind that it is an OLD blog.
Moving on... Who saw the V.M.A's? How dare Kanye West do that to poor Taylor?!
It was obvious that she was surprised that she'd won by the look on her face. And yes, Beyonce is a goddess, but she's not Aphrodite and nor he Eros. Sit yo ass down somewhere and let someone else have some damn spotlight for a change! My goodness, Beyonce has already been named (the Hardest working woman in show business)And I applaud Beyonce' for giving up her time so Taylor could finish her speech properly.

So why couldn't you let the newbie white girl have a little fame? I mean really, can we please stop being so stereotypical and show the world that we have more to offer then big mouths and hip hop? My god, I felt so sad to be black at (that) particular moment. (sigh)
To the point everyone watches the V.M.A's for... the fashion! Did Anyone see what Lady Gaga was wearing?.....When she preformed? The most normal outfit I've
seen her in............................... Ever!
  • Case in point Outfit A.

and yes...that is bubble wrap.
  • Outfit B.

Although I have to admit although it is unconventional, it is darling on her.
  • V.M.A Outfit Case C

Which is really cute and normal...for her anyway.

A.J. asked me why I watch the awards shows. and it was a good question. Here's my answer. I love every aspect from, the dumb actresses/ porn stars (Paris Hilton) to the sexy women but not sluts (Megan Fox) to the fashion; things you'd wear ( Megan Fox, Beyonce', Taylor Swift) to the things you wouldn't be caught dead in ( Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Pink) I'm very sad that I have to add her to that category seeing as she's such a kick ass woman, but that leotard was definitely a no=go.
Alas, I have to go back to my real life... So...


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