Suggestions anyone???

September 16, 2009

Tomorrow, is official movie night! In attendence, Masai ( my boyfriend), Gianna (My sister), Cheryl ( my mother) and Danny (my dad, for a short period of time.) I am soo excited! We may even be picking him up at his house, I am oh so excited! Still working on the list of movies, but at least the time and the food has been picked out.
Almost had a heart attack, when I turned on the dvd player today, and it looked like my 6 year old cousin had colored it. What was supposed to be blue was a deep green and pinks were red. yellow was orange, like I said almost had a heart attack. So my sister comes downstairs, while I'm flitting about trying to figure out what happened to our (BRAND) new dvd player, calmly walks over to the outlet, unplugs it waits 2 minutes and plugs it in again, and its (Perfect.) Thank god, for being level headed.
He'll be coming around 3 oclock. He and I will be eating Chili Cheese Fries, prepared by moi! So you know it's going to be excellent and then, we may have strawberry shortcake for deset. We still don't know what movies we're going to watch...Any suggestions?


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