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September 23, 2009

Hello All! Have I got news for you! I finally picked up my new camera. (Which is really just a replacement for the camera that I used to have.) It's a little different from the other one, but it won't matter because no one can tell the difference. I went out with Bridget and we just chilled in the mall. We ran into Demitri and his brother ACE. It was so cool! We just wandered around the mall, and talked about what has happened in the last 3 years since we'd seen each other. I'm kind of miffed tho. Because, Demitri deleted all of my photos, with him in. Some nonsense about stealing the soul. Not happy one bit, because they were really cute photos!
Bridget got a running jump and I took the photo, and he was giving her a piggy back ride, and then the other one they were just standing next to each other. They were good pictures, i'm soo sad that I can't show them to you... boo-hoo. I also got a super tiny make up haul. Check out the video. This covergirl wetslicks tubes are very interesting. I bought one lip balm, which has this amazemint form crest in it. and talk about amazing, it's almost like a stinging sensation on your lips. (It takes a little getting used to.) But overall, a good deal. Krogers, I paid 10. total. I also got H.I.P. eye liner an olive green, and a bright glitter green eyeshadow paint pot from Claires.
All of which I wore to my interview yesterday, at Wet Seal! It was the coolest interview I'd ever been too. I loved the people, everyone was just so bright and cheery, and we were talking about different things, that we loved about fashion, it was more like a meeting of the fashion society then an interview. (I liked that because it made me way less, nervous.) Then today, I get a call from Charlotte Russe, who calls to set up yet (another) interview on Sunday at 1:00p.m. Now these stores are litterally 2 stores down from each other, and I am loving it. Also, Blockbuster down the street has an open interview I'm going with Bridget and hoping that I get at least one of these jobs.
I need something to do with my life. Staying home and blogging all day is just not healthy. Not healthy at all. That's all I have to report today as of 5:18 pm. Wednesday, September 23rd 2009.
With all due respect,


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