old friends and sexy cars.

May 23, 2011

 My friend Sara from way back in elementary school got back from college about two weeks ago. We still live like 9 minutes away from each other. So we decided to have a girls night out. So We went out to dinner and went to see fast five. We went to the outback. The Food was amazing as always, but the service was AWFUL! I was seriously contemplating not leaving a tip. The movie was amazing. Full of beautiful women and sexy men, with no shirts? How could you go wrong? Here's pictures of my outfit and makeup.

My top is from Vanity. My jeans from Charlotte Russe.
My Left hand is Wet Nwild Sunshine orange and Sephora Wishful thinking and my right hand is the opposite. I used Shany Cosmetics 120 pallete for my makeup. Blue-ish green on the bottom and light orange as a hilight. I used Maybelline blackest black gel eyeliner.


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