W.I.W (Wish item of the week, New segment.)

May 25, 2011

 Ok. So I now I have been lazy as all get out but I have an excuse. d've been  sick/busy/lazy. I've been bedridden and when I'm not in bed I am at work, there is no trade off. I have not updated any of my blogs. My room is still a mess. I haven't done my chore properly in like 5 days, and The state of my hair is beyond ridiculous. I hate being sick, and it is all this damn weathers fault!!
 Since, I've been to lazy to actually get dressed and go out and take pictures, I decided that I would read my daily dose of blogs today, and then if I found something intersting I would create a wish list for the week. If you aren't already aware I am in love with making lists. To do lists, gift lists, observations in list form I do them all.
 I know its ridiculous. But it makes me feel like I'm accomplished.  I know its silly right? But without further ado. Here's my item.

(S11-187) Ariana Top Handle Messenger with Flap & Oval Lock


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