Handheld Mistress #16: Games to Play with your miss or Mister

February 14, 2013

 In anticipation of Valentine's Day I want to Shoot two particular Stereotypes in the face. Stereotype one: Girls don't play video games. That is not true. I am a girl, and I LOVE video Games, We have entire blogs, networks, and websites dedicated to the fact that gamer girls such as myself exist. Stereotype two: Couples can't play video game together. As long as you have a healthy respect for each other gaming with your significant other can be an awesome experience. Here are a few games that are perfect for the Valentine's Lovey Dovey Date/Get together.

Couples: Catherine for the Ps3. Catherine is essentially a one player unless you play against each other in one of the other mode. The best way to do the actual game is to just switch off. Whoever starts, hands over the controller after the completed level. If you lose more than 8 times, you forfeit your turn, So be careful ( At least that's how it works over here.)

Girls: Pucca Power Up for the DS. Essentially a side scroller you play as either Pucca or her lover, and the goal is to survive each level, because it only brings you guys closer together as a couple.

Girls: Super Princess Peach for the DS. Marioesque, at its finest, but this time Peach is doing the saving.

Couples: Any Arcade Fighter. Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Tekken, Tekken Tag, Marvel Vs. Capcom, King of fighters, any of those are perfect for couples. Depending on how comfortable a couple you are, you could even make it like strip poker. Have fun!

Girls: Metal Slug 7 for the DS. Also a side scroller, but its amazing! You can choose from four characters, two are girls. You can choose from different guns and there are vehicles and jetpacks and all kinds of cool things. Metal slug has been one of my favorite video games for a really long time.

Couples: Puyo Puyo Fever for the DS. A puzzle game with a large scoop of adorableness, you control an army of little multi-color globs and just like tetris, its a fun game to play with others.

Enjoy that special day, gamers!
P.S. if you guys think of any other games that should be on the list, leave them in the comments.

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