Welcome to June!

June 2, 2014

Welcome to June Sugars! Do you know what June brings here at Vulcan Sugar and Spice? Well in 18 days it will officially be Summer. I don't know about you, but I personally have been waiting for warm weather since February! I thrive in the summer time. I have Free time, I make more money, because people are out of school and willing to tip more, new video games, new movies, and all those things make great blog posts for you guys! I have so many blog series ideas, and networking suggestions floating around my head, it totally feels like my head might just explode!

- Rolling out my 2 new Blogging Series:
 - Fangirling: my favorite fictional girl-crushes
 - I wish He was real: Breakdowns of Hot Fictional Male Characters (Nerdgasms warning!)
- More Networking

- Working out/ Becoming more comfortable with my body.

- Making the blog more aesthetically pleasing.

- Realizing that I'm writing my blog for me and if people enjoy it that's great, if not then Oh well.

- Stop comparing my blog to "heavy-hitters" Love my blog, like I should love myself.

- Finally Order New business cards (Both Businesses)

- Now that I've found my Sony, Revive Youtube.

- Start Using the Sony to start Sew Nerdy!

Until Next Time,
~Stay Nerdy!~


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