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October 16, 2015

Hey Gang!

 I know that this is a nerdy lifestyle blog but lately I've been writing more about the lifestyle and less about the person living it! I have so many things to show you that technically don't have anything to do with being nerdy and they've just been piling up, because I've been so concerned with building a fanbase for my blog that I forgot the most important part for you guys is gettting to know the person behind the blog!
 With the holidays and such coming up, I've been splitting my time in half. Spending half with my family and doing silly things like going out to eat, doing movie nights and watching copious amounts of scooby doo with Alex and my little sister. The other half has been work, and then nights when I can't sleep have been blogging. I know that the blogging schedule of late has kind of been lacking, but it's been difficult keeping up with everything. I have all of these youtube ideas for my channel and then my camera decides that it doesn't want to focus, like at all.
 If I can't even get my technology to focus, how can I get myself to? It's been difficult transitioning from floating ideas in my brain to finished results in a blog post or even a video, where I tend to ramble and hardly ever have a script. I have been able to do somethings that aren't nerd related lately. I got together with two of my friends and did some photoshoots! I took anniversary photos for my friend Robin and her boo, they turned out great. The shoot had to be cut short because of work obligations, but we'll be back next weekend to take some more! I also attended my first Cheer Competition, and not as a spectator, but as the teams photographer! I was so stoked to have the opportunity to follow the team around and take photos and video for the families and the coach!
 I've been trying really hard for the past month or so to try networking off line, and around my city. I love all of my online friends, but I can't really set up photoshoots with you guys, and I've been hard at working putting together a portfolio and start working towards making solid income from photography, it's something I'd really love to do for the rest of my life.
  I finally got around to watching Pitch Perfect 2, we stopped by our local video rental spot and grabbed a whole bunch of movies. I really liked it, it was pretty funny, I watched Into the Woods last night before bed, but it didn't really do anything for me. I'm glad I waited to watch it on video instead of the theater. Not a single actor of color, the music was lack luster, and there wasn't really a lesson learned. It was just kind of bleh in my opinion.
  I've been listening to a lot of AAA lately, I have entire albums on repeat. I've been checking out their videos too, I had no idea there were so many people! Theres like 8! I thought it was a duo, male and female and its totally not!! The only thing thats irking me, is that almost everything is in Japanese Kanji and I'm having trouble finding specific songs because I can't type Kanji into my searchbar. So I'm stuck with what I'm able to click on in the youtube side bars. Speaking of youtube, I'm going to keep making videos even if they're blurry, because I enjoy doing it and the sound is great, so you can totally understand what I'm saying, even if I slighly resemble a ghost. Its' Halloween after all, perhaps my camera is just getting into the spirit!

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