If I could be the 70's

February 25, 2011

 So, here it is guys! My very first outfit post! I am so excited, because I think this might be one of my best outfits yet! I was really weary about changing the url of my blog. One because I cannot transfer over my entries, and let me tell you that was a  lot of work. I've only been online for like 3 days. I was worried that this was going to be a monumental failure.
  I was reading other blogs and they all basically started their blogs after having amazing success with Lookbook or Chictopia. I have both of them. Chictopia, I've got so so success with it, but my lookbook is a monumental failure. It just seems that its a tougher crowd to be honest. So imagine my SURPRISE when I log on to find my very first follower! Without any coaxing and promotion! So thank you so much Dina-Bella for making this the best day EVER!
 Now onto the actual post.
  I had an interview with the HR manager of Kohl's for their open, Beauty associate position. I was super excited about this! Until, I began the journey to the store. It's in a WHOLE 'NOTHER CITY!!! So not only is it way way way way way past where I felt like going in the first place and there's no bus going that way! So I wouldn't be able to work. I really need to get on the ball with this driving situation. I also went to Steak N Shake to finally grab my paper work and my orientation is @ 9 am tomorrow. Much Too early if you ask me...Why do we even need to be up that early? We also have to be in full Uni! White oxford, black slacks, and slip resistant shoes. I got my apron, name tag( Where my name is miniscully small) and Bow Tie...Gotta love the 50's right? But I can't complain. A job is a Job is a Job. I'm working all week, and hopefully money will begin to come in again. I certainly do miss it haha.
  My outfit had a total vintage 70's feel to it, I felt like I leaped out of one of my parents polaroids.

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New York and Company Orange Blouse with bell sleeves
Walmart Wide leg trousers
Joe's Sport style racerback buton up vest.



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