Handheld Mistress #12: It's Always Black and White

November 7, 2012

 Hello Readers!! I know I know, I had to go get a leaf blower, for the amount of dust that was on this segment of the blog. I also know that I haven't been updating the Gameinformer, but it wasn't my fault! I could NOT for the life of me remember the password for it, so I couldn't get in to update it, but I just did that last night! So BWAHAHA! Success on Both accounts.

  So My friend bought Both Pokemon Black-2 and White-2, and he decided to give me white!! I started playing last night, but we were watching movies all night, so I didn't get very far.

 Initially I was kind of excited, but unfortunately its just a continuation of the first two. Same pokemon, same Pokemon Professor, to be truthful, I am unsure, exactly whats supposed to be different, but as a die-hard Pokemon fan, I can care less, Pokemon for the WIN!

P.S. Congratulations, Obama won the election!

Mistress Out,


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