Wicked Lovely

March 13, 2014

 Hello Lovelies,

  Last Saturday, my sister, cousin, mother and I went to go see a rendition of Wicked at our downtown local theatre! It was beautiful! I've gone to see plays before, and I always enjoy them, but something about seeing Wicked was different. The Cast was amazing, the pit was absolutely outstanding, as a violin and a flute player, I was never able to completely enjoy plays and musicals like everyone else, because I have the unfortunate ability to tell if an instrument is flat or sharp, and it interrupts my ability to enjoy the play, unlike people who don't notice, and you would be surprised by how often they aren't always on key! I didn't have any of those qualms with Wicked. I laughed, I cried, I sang Defying Gravity with the rest of the people in the audience who knew the words. I enjoyed, every glorious minute of Wicked, I could get my hands on. I laughed at my mother's shock, when Glinda started talking to us in a British accent, I thoroughly enjoyed our BOX SEATS! You read that right, My family and I sat in BOX seats, my mother spoiled us heavily because I don't want even want to contemplate going to see another show unless, there are box seats available. But I know I will, because I love the arts. We even ran into the Wizard while waiting for our ride, and he took a picture with us, I really wish I had him sign my playbill but it was much too windy outside.

Welp, Until Next Time,
Sincerely Yours,

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