Handheld Mistress #20: Ds Games and MORE

March 27, 2014

 Its been so long since I picked up my 3DSXL, I didn't even realize that I bought three new games, and didn't even do a write up about them! I've been so distracted with trying to keep up with my job, my boyfriend and getting better from the illness that had me out for three weeks, that video games had completely slipped my mind, I know it's freaking terrible!! For Christmas, My parents bought me a replacement PS3, but I haven't even gotten a chance to play that! I haven't even bothered looking for new PS3 games. The last time I purchased video games, I bought 3 brand new 3DS games, it killed me, it was almost $100! I wound up purchasing Project X Zone, Batman: Blackgate. and Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask. I officially own every Professor Layton Game except The Azran Legacy and the Crossover with Phoenix Wright. ( Which I want so Bloody Badly, maybe I can convince le boyfriend to get them for my birthday...)
  In other Gaming News, my cousin came over and played Pokemon X, so now I have to completely restart my game, because I woke up to my starter on its 3rd evolution, Badge 6 and the pikachu I had JUST caught at level 80! Why did they change the way you erase saved Games? I remember when I had to threaten my cousins with their lives, so they wouldn't accidentally  save their new games, and now I have to press like 4 buttons in succession in order to start it over again, sometimes I beg for the simpler times...
  I was thrifting with Le Boyfriend ( a habit we partake in every once in a while) and while in a booth practically filled to the brim with toys and plushes, who should I happen to come across but Oswald, the bloody Lucky Rabbit!!!!! Now the reason, I'm talking about him during a HHM instead of a thrifting with Gabby original would be because he was included in Epic Mickey 2, and the 3DS companion Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, and the plush is absolutely adorable! Also Disney Specific news, Kingdom Hearts Three is a GO! It is in the works, and it will be the only one that will be a cross platformer since it will be the only one to be featured on a Microsoft Platform (Xbox One) although heaven to betsy I can't understand why anyone would want too.

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