5 Internet Things I'm Grateful For.

February 19, 2015

Hi Gang!
  I'm back and today, I am going to write about things that the internet offers that most people take for granted that I am so grateful exist. This lists items such as memes and also people because my internet scouring usually includes bloggers, youtubers, photographers and gamers that interest me.

05. Google Translate. I browse the internet in Google Chrome, simply because I am a Blogger blogger and I love how easy it is for everything to be in one place. When I'm on my Ipad, I also attempt to browse in Google Chrome, even though it came with Safari. The Google Translate Function is automatic a good portion of the time, so much so that sometime's I don't even realize the blog is in another language until I attempt to bring it up/view it somewhere else. Without Google Translate, I wouldn't be able to enjoy kick ass blogs such as: LazyKat or We are Knitters!

04. Hulu/Netflix. I absolutely adore the fact that I can watch movies, Korean dramas, Super old television programs, cartoons and anime on Hulu/Netflix. I chose them both, because they have equally great qualities. Netflix, has great movies and full episodes of Tv Programs, like the Flash, Arrow, Pretty Little Liars (albeit a season behind.) Hulu, allows me to watch things that aren't easily found like Subtitled anime; Brother's Conflict, Assassination Classroom, Korean Dramas. Old television shows and cartoons like: Milton the Monster, Danger Mouse, and Ellery Queen.

03. Bloglovin. It allows me to keep all my blogs in one place. I come across and read so many blogs a day, that it is nearly impossible to keep up with, if I didn't have Bloglovin, my blog registry would just be a complete mess. Like the other day, I had come across Sewaholic and didn't bookmark it, then I tried to go back to it, and couldn't remember the name for the life of me. I was freaking out until I realized that it was on my Bloglovin, I was looking for that blog for a good two full days! Plus, Bloglovin, also helps my readers keep up with me, in one spot.

02. Twitter. Twitter is my morning newspaper, I get all the news I need from my amazing Twitter Feed, especially things that people don't wanna talk about on the regular news, like the NAACP building that got bombed a month or two ago. Or that some amazing person is covering up islamophobic signs with drawn designs of Ms. Marvel. I use twitter to be updated and keep everyone else updated as well. I'm on there almost every day. Especially, when I can't sleep. Follow me if you wanna: I'm @noiremenarie !

01. The free availability to information. There is a reason they call the internet the information highway! I love how easy it is to learn something new on the internet. When it was books, you had to at least be in the ballpark of what you wanted to obtain and then search for books related on the topic, Ugh, book research was so much more difficult than the ease we have now. I love that I can just hop on google for literally anything that I wanna know. That's why I browse with so many tabs open, because I literally found things that I want to learn more about on every page I visit.

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