5 Tips to make your Nerdette Sleepover a Success!

April 1, 2015

Hi Gang!
 Oh my goodness, you guys, I can't believe it's already April! Where does the time go? We're already 1/4th into the year! If I keep blinking it will be 2016 before I know it. I'm super excited for all the events and activities I have planned for April and the fact that my college girlfriends and I are going to have a Sleepover this weekend. I haven't seen them in about three to four months or so, I'm pretty excited about nerding out and catching up.
 Now, sleepovers are different for everyone, but there are certain things that everyone needs to make them a blast. This list is perfect for us, because its a group of Nerdy ladies and Alex getting together to talk about everything from Video Games to Japanese live Action movies of Animes and more! I'm so excited that my hands are shaking as I type!

#1: Delicious Finger Foods: Everyone but Em plays video games, so we need to be able to pop something in our mouths, dust off our hands and get ready to go head to head in the Ultra Street Fighter IV I got for the PS3 and other extremely fun Fighting/ Party Games. You definitely don't want your guests to starve, so make sure that there is a decent spread. Soda, Juice, Chips, pigs in a blanket, Mozzerella Sticks, and things of the like. We're personally going to do wings, and when I saw we I really just mean Alex.

#2: Fun Activities: Have fun Group activities! Even though, Em doesn't play video games, I've got board games for her. Make sure that everyone feels included, Em generally cheers us on when we play, She's a one woman cheerleading team. I have Scattegories, Name 5, Scrabble, Upwords and Twister all ready for them! I'm literally chomping at the bit for them to get here.

#3: Sleeping Arrangements: I've always been the kind of girl to sit on the floor. I've always had very little furniture in my apartments. Whenever someone comes over, I always tell them upfront. Hey, if you have a sleeping bag or a spare blow-up mattress bring it, Covers and Pillows, whatever is going to make it easy for you to fall asleep and be comfortable. I have procured an extra air mattress to make sure my girls are comfortable.

#4: Conversation: We nerdy types love to talk about things that interest us, especially when we have seen each other in a while. I haven't seen Renee in over two years, So I honestly can't wait to talk each other's ears off. Comics, Video Games, Television Shows that we're obsessed with, and anything else that fancies us!

#5: Entertainment: Each one of us are bring our favorite movies, and since I met my gals in our Anime Club, I have a few Anime Crossover Movies ( Conan Vs. Lupin III 1 +  2) and a few Live action favorites ( Black Butler + Ace Attorney) and Old Favorites (Sailormoon). Claire is generally the one with the most patience, so she enjoys the subbed animes, so she can bring a whole slew of brand new anime, that none of us have probably even heard of!

The most important thing is to enjoy yourselves. It's a whole night of fun and free debauchery with your girls in a safe place, what more could you ask for?

 Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel,
  The Noire Menagerie


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