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April 27, 2015

Hi Gang!
 A while ago, Alex, his family and I headed over to the museum to go see the Mummies of the World exhibit! It had been a while since I'd even been near the museum, my family and I used to go all the time when I was younger and homeschooled, but I missed it and was excited to go! I packed up my usual travel kit, and we were off!
 After a bit of ridiculous traffic, and a GPS that was totally lost, we finally made it and parked. We got tickets for the Mummies event AND the Natural History Exhibit. Over all, I was kind of disappointed, there were really only 12 real mummies and everything else was pretty much re-manufactured. They said mummies from all over the world but there were really only 5 or 6 countries mentioned, I wasn't allowed to take photos of the event, and as a blogger, that really makes me sad.
 Afterwards, we went through the Natural History Museum, and I was able to take lots of pictures there and I was happy again. We ran into Sherlock Holmes and of course had to get some shots with him, all in all it was pretty decent day! I saw some dead people, learned lots of Sciency- type stuff and was able to relax the rest of the day with family, fun and board Games.

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