If Harry Wasn't a Boy.

January 6, 2016

Hey Gang!

Today's post is going to be a little different. It's actually pretty different from anything I've ever written here before. Which is strange if you think about it because I've had this address since 2008 and I've written a multitude of different posts. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this post is pretty unique and I understand if it isn't for everyone.
 It's about a dream I had a few months back, but I wasn't really sure how to go about it, so there it stayed in my notebook. However, I have recently been inspired by Dorkface recently to write more personal/ lifestyle posts. What could be more personal than my dreams? This one is pretty different, and for all the Straightlaced Harry Potter fans, I'm...Sorry?
 A couple of months ago, I had a dream about Harry Potter, but not the one that everyone knows and loves. It kinda went something like this. This Harry Potter was Trans. She knew that she was in the wrong body but before she could tell her parents about it they died. And instead of going to live with the Dursleys, She actually lived with Dumbledore. Who claims to be an ally to all "He's even Gay" but denied Harry the ability to feel more like herself. At every turn, Dumbledore shut her down, and never actually listened to what she needed. She makes it to Hogwarts where she enjoys her education, and dresses how she feels, and goes by Harriet.
 Once Dumbledore realizes that Harriet hasn't been listening to his instructions he is furious. After years of abuse, Harriet snaps and kills Albus, I woke up wondering what happened to Harriet. I'm not sure what brought up this dream, I usually never really know. they usually aren't based on anything that happened that day, and I hadn't watched or read any Harry Potter, in that month, so I'm not sure how I came up with it.
 I do think it might have been Kat Blaque's and MarinaShutup's Influence. I'd been watching a lot more feminist and open sexuality videos of theirs.  I had this dream around the time I had discovered her amazingly educational channels. I have already gone into detail about how awesome they are. So I won't do it here.

I don't even know how to end this. I guess It was just like a brain dump. This is what I wanted to write about though, so don't get mad at me for trying something new. What did you guys think of this role reversal on a "pretty classic" story? Tell me down below!! Nerdette At Large is a safe haven blog for any individual of any sex, Gender, or orientation. There is no judgement here, I welcome everyone.

Until Next Time,
 Stay Nerdy.


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