Series #16: 10 Favorite Television Shows + Film of 2015!

January 1, 2016

Hey Gang!

  We've reached the end of the year guys! Welcome to 2016! Today, will be the end of 2015 talk and onto brand new and better things! I've just got to finish up my best of the year posts! I'm talking about Tv. and Film today! I didn't watch a lot of tv this year, so it will be super quick!

Scream Queens: I was a huge fan of just how ridiculous this series was. I wasn't a fan of the language used in the show, a lot of it was racist and homophobic, but it didn't last long thankfully. I hope it gets picked up, becuase it was actually pretty decent. Seeing Neicy Nash and Keke Palmer in the same show was not something I realized I needed until I already had it. Nice going Tv. Nice Going.

Twisted:  Starring the absolutely stunning Avan Jogia, this is a must see. A killer released back into high school and with the help of his old school chums to solve the case that he originally went to jail for. While the mysteries were good and acting was done well, for some reason it was cancelled after one season. Maybe with enough online stir, we can bring it back.

Pretty Little Liars: Although, we are currently waiting for Season 6 B, I have been loving Pretty Little Liars all the way up until the Season 6 A Finale. Not sure what occured with writing, many a thing was left open ended, I'm hoping that this new years season will tie up all loose ends and hope that the story continues for the better. I seriously miss my girls.

Empire: I don't think I really have to write anything here. Almost everyone with a television set, or an internet connection knows about Empire. If for some reason, you are new to this, it is a diverse cast of actors caught in a war of Music and production between father and mother. Its a great series.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: I won't write too much about this one, because it has its's own Rant Post, and it was a pretty popular Movie of the year.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: They recently released Series 3 on Netflix, so I have only been able to catch a few of the new episodes. I know that I am NOT a fan of her father. I was so in love with Series one and two and I'm hoping that the same amount of effort will be put forth towards this series and any more that they happen to grace us with. I wrote a complete Post about what I love about Miss Fisher here, if you are interested in learning more.

Fantastic Four: I know that some people will be confused as to why this movie is on my list. I really liked this movie. I wrote an entire post about why it wasn't as bad as people thought it was, so I won't go into detail. Besides, we all know you guys read me for a unique point of view, otherwise you wouldn't be here right? If you are intersted in the full Fantastic Four post you can check it out here.

Ant-Man: I originally wasn't even going to go see this movie. I had NOT been a fan of Ant-man from a very young age, and I was happy he hadn't had any kind of movie or following in the previous years. Alex dragged me to go see it, and there is a whole list of reasons why I both Disliked and liked the movie listed here. It made the list because the comedy was pretty darn good.

Lupin The Third (Live Action):  If you know who Lupin the Third is, you're doing pretty good. A lot of the internet thought this movie was complete shit. However, Seeing as I have actually seen the only other Lupin Live Action movie and know just how awful it is, this is like a breath of fresh air. It payed homage to the cartoons before it, and I was able to decipher and understand 90% of the movie. I had also been waiting for this movie for an entire year and a half. Despite the article in Kotaku, I thought it was a decent film.

Lupin The Third Vs. Conan The Movie: I've been a huge fan of Detective Conan, or as he's known over here Case Closed. It was a mystery, it was an anime, what more was needed? Although I haven't finished all 500 episodes, I've seen a good portion of the episodes and a good portion of the movies. This cross over movie is absolutely amazing. With Both anime's respective art styles being present you can clearly see that they've updated it for a newer audience. It is literally a movie about the greatest anime detective versus the Greatest anime criminal, its a melting of the best of both worlds. Sure it had its issues but what movie doesn't? All in All its a great movie addition to your anime shelf.

 What did you watch this year? I can't wait to start watching movies into the new year. Lets talk Television and Film on Twitter!!

Stay Nerdy,


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