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July 1, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Can I get a right on for publishing this on the first?! You can't see my face right now but it has a huge grin on it, just so ya know. July is a huge month for me. My mother, sister and my birthdays are all this month. So I hope to be out doing lots of things, and have many things to show you in July. Now, lets talk about some awesome stuff in June.

- I revived the Ebay, and wound up winning a Wacom Bamboo tablet, I'm so excited to start using it in my everyday graphic work!

- My Cousin Brianna came home from South Korea. She vlogs and blogs, so go read her adventures, I am so excited to hear all about her adventures from the horses mouth.

- This month I discovered #Giriboy and listened to more San E and Mad Clown. My rap scene was pretty covered. Rappers in Korea look so much different than here or in Japan. Glad that they are accepting that you don't have to look "gangsta" to be a rapper. Its about your flow and lyrics, not how many chains your neck can hold up. Currently I am replaying: Hogu, Sour Grapes and Dish.


-THIS GOOGLE ANIMATION! What a time to be alive, to work for Google would be absolutely amazing!!

- I bought Two Skirts and a Dress from kyocatclothing on Etsy, and I regret nothing! Soot Sprites, The Rose Seal and Kero will help me prepare for the CardCaptor Sakura Reboot for their 20th Anniversary! I'm SO READY! -->

- Here are my favorite Makeup Looks for the month. I've been better about fashion and makeup on the blog this month, so I'm trying to keep on this course.

- I've worn the mess out of my Bombshell Wonder Woman Shorts this month, Thanks Hot Topic!

- Falling in Love with this print by @paperbeatstweet

- Falling in love with this print by @sydweiler

- Thanking +Black Girl Nerds for #blackguynerds

- I haven't played Overwatch but art from @osamatographe make me want to so bad!

- The Semi-safe place #queerselflove provided before douchebags found it.

- Falling in love with all of @jenniferlmyers art, especially this Firefighter Bunny.

What were some of your favorites this month? Lets talk about music on twitter. Lets be friends!

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Until Next Time,
Stay Nerdy,

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