My Thoughts On: Black Bullet (Spoilers)

July 29, 2016

Hey Gang!

  It feels so good to be back!!! I was a having a bit of a rough time dealing with my lack of motivation and I didn't want to give you guys half-hearted content because you deserve so much more than that!! You deserve the best that I can give you, because you guys are special, and help me find the inspiration I need to keep coming back to my desk and saying "hmmm What shall I create today?"
 One thing I like to do when I'm feeling a bit uninspired is to watch anime. Anime can literally be about anything, and so when I come across something that I've never seen before, or experienced, once I'm done watching it I am just overflowing with ideas! During my dry spell, I completed an anime series and one season of another. Today I'm going to give you my thoughts on Black Bullet.
 I'd never heard of this anime before. But, I was reading comments on my latest Fangirling Post and one of the blogs that had commented had watched and reviewed it on their blog under mystery so of course I had to check it out.
 I felt quite a kinship with " The Cursed Children. Especially the way they were treated, it echoed racial tensions today. I felt that the story line was pretty unique considering what I normally watch. Radioactive Godzilla like creatures called Gastrea's threaten everyday life, but thanks to Civil Service duos. Which consist of a Manager and a Instigator, whom are equipped with the proper tools, to get rid of the Gastrea or at least keep them at bay.
 I'm still confused about whether the little girls are born with the ability to fight the Gastreas or if they are slightly mechanized. I can understand why Rentaro is so gentle and loving to the girls, he is also slightly mechanized.
 I'm all for the new Gastrea law that will allow the girls to get a fair shake. This anime probably has the most blood I've ever seen. I'm not a fan of the gore, anime can sometimes have. It's one of the reasons I haven't finished Cyborg 009 V.S. DevilMan. I love that within a couple of episodes, Rentaro has gone from a lackadaisical officer working for a super poor company to being the "Presidents" personal bodyguard and being able to teach tons of little girls how to take care of themselves and the Gastreas.
 I'm confused about why there are so many cursed children out and about without partners, when there are so many battles to be won. Did they once have partners and were abandoned? Have they never had partners? Since they are young girls do they grow up? Does the corrosion rate increased to 100% and then they perish?
 With the creepy Basement scientist I would have loved for her to create a cure, or at least a medicine that would allow the cc's to grow up, and realize whatever they're dream for the future was. A lot of these girls don't attend school, because of the bigotry instilled in the normal children. I'm glad that they are being taught in a caring classroom environment full of their peers.
 I totally teared up when Enji was outed to her classroom and all of her friends turned their backs on her. Especially when the children were protecting themselves with rulers and protractors. I hated that the teacher didn't do a thing to help her. Don't even get me started about the Cursed Child those so called police officers shot in the head! Twice, Police brutality just because they had power and bias. It made me sick. I really wanted that law to go into effect, to protect the girls that were left.
 To attack any child is unforgivable but to gang up on a blind girl? Just sickening. It was definitely childish of me to hope that Kisara and Rentaro would just adopt all of the girls in the class room and suddenly the story would change and there would be Brady bunch like hi-jinks and that they'd live happily ever after. There was so much death in this series. So much loss. I can't even deal with the amount of sadness it caused me.
 "Only an absolute evil can overpower evil." Rentaro's concern for becoming unaffected by the deaths of others is pretty genuine. I could see after a while, of the bodies piling up, especially during the war, how one would want to file it away in a folder never to be opened again. I hope that Rentaro and Enji can stay together forever. I disagree with Kisara though, if evil can seek to destroy another evil, than the first evil must be in some form or facet good.
  All in All, I absolutely loved this anime. I'm hoping for another season, but since its been out for two years, it isn't looking likely. I loved the character development that was shown, even from characters that were "inherently evil" at one point became heroes. They all came together for a single cause which I thought was great. The sadness level is off the charts though, I cried at least 5 times throughout the 13 episodes. If you aren't a sappy pushover like me, then the deaths may not even register. For me however, its one of the things keeping it from having 5 stars, it was just too heavy on my heart, 4 /5

 Have you watched Black Bullet? Have any anime to recommend? Tell me below or on Twitter!!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~

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