Open Call for Guest Bloggers!

July 4, 2016

Hey Gang!

Happy 4th of July everyone!! I hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful holiday!

 I love creating content for you guys! But, I am only one viewpoint. There are plenty of nerdy topic that I avoid on Nerdette At Large. Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Xbox, First Person shooters and the like. I thought it would be fun to test out some new content for you guys, and give you guys a chance to meet some other bloggers.
 It would be awesome to use this, as an opportunity to network with bloggers that I haven't yet interacted with before! So Here is a simple application for all bloggers, vloggers and content creators, that are interested in collaborating, or guesting!! Send all answers to



Blogging Style: 


Topics You'd like to write about:

How often you'd like to guest: 

If you are interested in any other types of collaboration:

Favorite Fandoms:

 Nerdette At Large is updated two times a week by myself, a single blogger, but I would love to at least add two more posts per week, which would be easy to do with some help. Nerdette at Large is a nerdy lifestyle blog but I am open to any kind of topic, as long as it can fit inside the umbrella of lifestyle blogging.

Again, interested parties should email me at and I can't wait to hear from you guys!!!

If you know any bloggers that are also looking for guest bloggers let me know!! I'd love to write a few posts for someone else's audience!!

Until Next Time,
Stay Nerdy,


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