Cinema #26: Dr. Strange (Slight Spoilers)

November 28, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Due to the severe begging of my fiance, I went to go see Dr. Strange this past weekend. I want to preface this by saying, that I do not agree with the direction Disney and Marvel Studios took in the casting and production of this film. Now that I have that out of the way, here's what I thought.

 To see the ability to control time as a perversion but not that every sorcerer should have the ability to control their own destiny, there had to be something fundamentally wrong with Mordor. Strange paid honor to the ancient one's loss by paying homage to her teachings. She may have broken natural law, no matter how long ago, perhaps when she was younger, and did not have the proper teachings, as she has bestowed on others. Perhaps her redemption was in her teaching of others.
 Just like in Slytherin, it's not necessarily the life you are given, but you ability to make the best of it. My biggest issue with Strange is that no mater what enlightenment he is shown, what magic he is presented with, even the ability to astral project, or a fucking cloak that's sentient, he was trying to rationalize it. This is so much bigger than him. Just like she said before she passed, "It's not all about you." To have so much disrespect for a culture other than your own, just because you can't see the potential of what is being presented to you, like that really angered me.

" Only those with an open mind, have the ability to learn all." 

Just because a movie looks good, or may even, dare I say enjoyable, doesn't detract from any wrong-doing it may have caused. Whitewashing is a SERIOUS issue in Hollywood, and for a company who has kind of been a foundation for comics with diverse and inclusive characters, it pains me to my very soul, that they suddenly have forgotten their roots. There were still plenty of parts, in the movie, that made me cringe, and I honestly just wish they had listened to criticisms, and fixed their issues. If you are having trouble understanding why so many people are upset about white-washing, feel free to click the picture, it has a great and informative thread about why entire cultures of people are not satisfied with being Stand bys in their OWN MOVIES.
 Lets talk about White washing, Ghost in the Shell, and Dr. Strange on Twitter, I love a good chat!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~

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