October Favorites

November 11, 2016

Hey Gang!

  Oh My Goodness, you guys, October was so crazy busy! And it passed by so super fast! I can't believe its already November! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and my stomach is so ready! Here's a couple of my favorite happenings in October.

-  Having such a blast playing the Catwizard Game from Google, that it not only made a blogpost, but I also recorded it for a let's Play, which will be up on youtube soon. I've been slacking on the youtube, but that's something that will be coming back pretty soon.

- Standing up and not being a marshmellow about my points at gamestop. I felt like it was a real turning point for my journey into adulthood.

- Getting together with Alex's parents for a trip through Findlay Market. Blogpost coming soon.

- Exploring the Kentucky WoolFest, and taking the most adorable pictures ever!

- Getting my anniversary gift early. The 66' Batman series on Blu-Ray.

- I got a HUGE  hot topic haul, that I'll be showing you guys later. My favorite thing is the cardigan.

- Playing Pokemongo in Costume. I was Alice in Wonderland, just in case there was any confusion.

- Handstitching my Halloween Costume! I was eevee.

- Hosting a successful new feature, Ghostly Haunts. Which featured a plethera of Bloggers which can be found in my side bar.

Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~

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