March 4, 2008

Okay so today is Tuesday, this is when I have hip hop dance class. Well, there is this girl Mackenzie, she's really hyper and she's white and she has all these gangsta songs on her ipod. Then there's Kylie, down to earth, good dancer, pays attention, black. Well, Mackenzie and the girl with the orange hair. (Don't know it yet), were talking and Kylie got upset and told Mackenzie to shush. Mackenzie's all "Don't tell me to shush." Kylie turned around and was like "what?" Mackenzie "You heard me, I said don't tell me to shush." and then Kylie turned back around and was like "then don't talk," Ms. Amanda stepped in before it turned into an actual fight, but I was like dang. lol. Other than that today went okay. I finally got some new headphones, now I can hear my music from both ears! lol.
Kudo's to those who voted! Rock the vote ppl! lol

This has been Musically_Inclined. holla

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