Homework suks!!!!!!!!!!

March 5, 2008

So I'm stuck with all of this homework, it seriously suks balls! I have math, english, history, science, politics, computer science, and band! Then I have an article to write for Kuuipo and then I have beginner's french, intermediate spanish, and beginner's mandarin and then after that, I have housework and crocheting to do! Needless to say today is going to be extremely busy!
But to be quite honest (Meaning don't tell my teachers) but I love all the homework they give me! It makes me feel important and successful, I know I am completely insane! I can't wait until next week I feel like there will be another fight, and this time it might resort to blows! Kylie betta beat Mackenzie's *** or she totally looses my vote!

XX I am the beast feed me rappers XX
XX feed me beats, I am untamed I need a leash, XX
XX I am insane I need a shrink, I love brain, I need a XX
XX leech, why complain on easy street?! I don't even talk,XX
XX I let the Visa speak XX
XX and I like, my sprite easter pink XX
XX And my wrist special pah but the Mula's cooler XX
XX I have more jewels than your jeweler XX
XX Touch and I will bust your medulla XX
XX That's a bullet hole, it is not a tumor XX
XX Red light! Red light! Stop your rumors XX
XX I stay on track like a box of Pumas XX
XX Now just r-r-rock with Junior XX
XX I am the little big Kahuna, y'dig? XX

**This has been Musically_Inclined**

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