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March 6, 2008

Alright, so all the things in this entry happened yesterday, but by the time I got home there wasn't enough time for an entry so I decided to do it tomorrow. Which is today!
So, We got to the library for our groups and this is like the 10th week straight that my friends haven't showed up for my group and so, I decided I would ask about starting a group through the library and Kathleen, a librarian, said that she would help me start one on one condition, she wants me to teach her! And as I was leaving wearing my suki purse and a woman grabbed my arm and asked me if I made it. I told her yes, and she showed me her bag of yarn it was insane, her stitches were all intricate I was like dang, so she's going to join us as well, and I told her it would be like music and since we get to use the meeting room, music and such! I am so excited. The woman's name was Christie and she knows how to knit as well, so, she can teach us that too.
Then after we left, we went to Kroger's to get somethings for dinner, we would up having Salsa. I saw an old classmate of mine, her name was Tierra, "The #1 Stunner", from sixth grade. We hugged and we talked about high school and such, I can't believe its been five years! It;s crazy, the years really do fly past when you're having fun! lol.
If you have not seen Step up 2: The Streets yet, then get off your bum and go see it! I love the dancing its amazing and the ones at the end between Andie and Chase are so erotic, My god, if some guy did that to me I would faint, and then we they brought me back I'd probably kiss him till I couldn't breathe. Where are the guys like that? Roll Call.......................................................................................

This has been *Musically_Inclined*


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