Its been 2 Weeks!*agast*

March 20, 2008

OMG! I cannot believe tis been that long! I'm sorry for not updating, I've been so busy! Alright I'll work backwards, its been a while so this might actually be my longest entry. So I didn't make the Bronx Masquerade audition, but I loved reading the book. They canceled it because of the darned weather! Did you know that it rained last night + then it snowed? It was crazy! Okay back to my timeline, sorry I'm easily distracted lol.
So I was on punishment for two whole weeks, because my parents didn't approve of. But that's none of your business, just the repricusions are. They crashed my computer and took away my mp3 player! Now, other than this blog, which they don't know about, my mp3 player is my life! I take it everywhere! EVERYWHERE! People literally almost don't recognize me without my headphones. Crazy right? And they go and take it away, that's like taking a seeing eye dog away from the blind people! Insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We visited my aunt she moved really far away and then, not only was she far away from us but we got lost! We went in a big circle twice before my mother and I realized it and then we almost killed ourselves, careening down a hill we didn't know about, I'm glad their weren't any animals, they would have surely been killed. Our cousins have grown so much is the short time I haven't seen them! Becky is good!!!!!!! Its amazing. lol. jk, but she is more mature! Kety is getting taller still but she's still blind as a bat! lol.
I auditioned for a part in Anything goes, which is a Musical Comedy. My sister and my mother auditioned with me. I was the only one to get a part. Gianna cried for a whole day, I felt sooooo bad! I got one of the angels and I'm back up for the lead, I cannot wait, rehearsal doesn't start until April and then the performance isn't until July, when I'll be Seventeen! Buyahhh!
I finally got my crochet+ knit club going at the library. Its called the Cheshire Crochet+ Knit Club. Its on Wednesdays from 4-6, which works because right after that I have to haul it to get to play rehearsal from 7-9. I can't wait I am soooo excited! My friend Kyana is trying to set me up I know she's trying to make me feel better but I just feel so pathetic. I miss School. I miss running flat-out to get to a class on time. I miss meeting new people and my friends on a constant basis.
And finally, we get back to today's entry. Crazy right? Anyway, I have it all written down in my journal which I use to transfer to you, so I don't forget anything. Here it goes.
Amelia Thermopolis is a fictional character created by Meg Cabot. She is complete invisible to everyone @ school except her Friend Lilly and Lilly's Older brother Michael. She stays that way until her father can not have anymore children because of Testicular cancer, which makes Mia his only daughter. This matters because he is the Prince of Genovia, which makes her Princess of Genovia making her extremely popular with reporters + School. I would love to be Mia Thermopolis! To be a person with that much political power would be amazing I think. Coupled with the fact she's really smart she could be really good for Genocia(Which I'm still trying to figur out if its a real country or not) and I would love to be that quinntesential to society!
Props to myself for the S.A.T. Reference!!!! Speaking of which, still need to be takedn along with the A.C.T. Probably two of the most important tests I will ever take in my ENTIRE LIFE!!! Speaking of my entire life, you are going to think this is so pathetic. But I'm now sixteen and I just now learn I'm not just black and white. Apparently, I have cherokee+ cuban blood! I also learned something new when it comes to race.
No matter what your mixed with whtever your mother is you are. So since my mother is African/Cherokee decent then so amd I. Weird right? Plus, because of this weird socitical rule, Barack Obama is white!!!!!!!!!!! Now as a person who has experienced racism first hand I know that its not something to laugh at. Your race is a part of you that you should cherish with the rest of ya. Because we are all beautiful!
I can't wait until Prom, two month away baby! woo! hoo! I love my dress! My mom doesn't but I love it. If it wasn't so formal I would wear it over a pair of jeans. See isn't it pretty?


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