As Promised. 1.6.11

January 26, 2011

 Okay, So here is the makeup Monday. I know! I know! Something was wrong with Youtube. It took all night to upload. I’ll include the link to watch the video on our youtube channel. Please make sure to comment, like and subscribe. Either on the blog our on the channel, or even on the twitter that would be cool with me! So here’s the link.
and I hope you guys have fun with it. Makeup is supposed to make you more confident, your supposed to have fun, it isn’t supposed to be like homework. All the sound is removed from this one. I think my videos mesh better now, because not only can I make them faster, but because of how horrible  my sound is on my camera, it makes it easier for viewers to understand what the heck I’m saying. Which is always good. Alright, I’m out of here, see you on Friday, for Fashion FridayX2 and next week will start normal activities.
Lace kisses from Rouge lips,


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