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January 27, 2011

We’re back, with another super Special guest, Bethany! Resident costumes expert over at Comics Alliance, Fellow tumblr-er, and all around fashionable lady. Below, we will find out how she finds time to D.I.Y., Keep her job, run 2 fun blogs, stay stylish and work as a Vigilante saving Boston from one bad creep at a time. Enjoy! 
KM: Top 5 anything comic related. Story arcs, Top 5 characters, Top 5 events in your favorite comic.
BF: My top 5 story arcs: Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Dark Victory, Phonogram: Rue Brittannia, the entire Blue Monday series, Batman: No Man’s Land.
KM: Are there any new comics that are starting at 0, or close to it, that someone can just jump into, without having to have a serious background in comics?
BF: I think it really depends on what the reader is into; for example, many of my comic friends are actually into comics that have nothing to do with capes. However, the only series that seems to hook many avid comic fans and people who usually don’t read comics is Scott Pilgrim.

KM: What’s your favorite piece of jewelry, and what type do you wear most often?

BF: The one piece of jewelry that I wear daily is my Green Lantern power ring, which I got on Free Comic Book Day in 2007; however, I do own a ton of jewelry that I coordinate with my outfits. I also collect watches, and wear a different one every day.
KM: Which movies based off comics did you like?

BF: Ghost World, The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Sin City.

KM: How long have you been a fan of comic books?
BF: I’ve been reading comics since I was about 8 or 9.
How often do you wear makeup? Do you have any favorite brands?
BF: I usually wear cherry Nivea lip balm everyday and I’ll occasionally wear liquid eyeliner. I don’t have any favorite brands in particular.
KM: What is your official vocation?
BF: Vigilante.
KM: Are you in school?
BF: No - I graduated in 2008.
KM: How long have you been D.I.Y. ing?
BF: Ever since I was a little girl.
Who/what taught you how to sew?
BF: I learned most of my sewing basics from my mom and from a fashion design course I took in high school. Since then, I’ve been pretty much self-taught when it comes to learning new techniques (with the help of sewing tutorials and tips online).
KM: What inspired you to create the Snorlax dress?
BF: One of my friends was a having a Pokemon-themed birthday party, and wanted us all to dress up like different Pokémon. I chose Snorlax partially because he’s my mom’s favorite Pokémon and because I figured that everyone else was going to dress up as Pikachu.

KM: Who’s your favorite Pokémon?
BF: To be honest, I haven’t really played Pokémon since Red/Blue, so I’m really only familiar with the original first generation of 151. My favorite Pokémon are Bulbasaur, Psyduck, and Snorlax.
KM: How long have you been Blogging and Twittering?
BF: I’ve been blogging since I was about 14, and I’ve been Twittering for about two years now.
KM: I noticed a lot of your photos are taken from inside a comic book shop. Can you explain why you use this backdrop?
BF: Most of my more recent outfit photos are taken every Wednesday, when I pick up my New Releases at my LCS. I usually coordinate my outfit every Wednesday with the release that I’m most looking forward to reading that week. Likewise, my friend at my LCS is a professional photographer, which is why my Wednesday photos are usually better quality than my self-taken outfit photos in my room.

KM: If you could be any superhero and super heroine, who would you choose and why?
BF: Robin (Dick Grayson) and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), because I relate to them the most.
KM: What inspired you to create an etsy shop?
BF: I had been meaning to create an e-store for a long time, and finally decided to after I had been getting many commission requests for bows.
KM: What do you think makes up a good comic?
BF: Pages.
KM: What is your least favorite comic book and why?
BF: All-Star Batman and Robin, by Frank Miller. I only read the first volume of ASBaR, but I really didn’t like how Miller wrote Black Canary, Wonder Woman, and Batman.
KM: How old are you and what is your favorite colors?
BF: I’m 24, and my favorite colors are red, blue, yellow, grey, black, and white.
You can find her at:!/lesvillainettes


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