I AM not a fan of PETER PAN COLLARS. 1.22.11

January 26, 2011

  Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. Lately gang, I started a new project and lately its been garning all my attention. I know it appears like I’m reblogging from kurokousagi a lot but thats because that my personal blog. It just appears a little easier to keep everything in one spot. LOL. So, to catch you guys up, I have not decided wether or not I am going to Scrap Rouge and Lace having its own blog, because like I said earlier it is a lot easier to keep it all in one spot.
This fashion thing, is the whole reason why I haven’t narrowed the point of my blog before, it gets boring after a while. Plus, Tumblr has just turned into a huge popularity contest and I think that I’ve joined and been caught up in the hype. I log on every day, to read comments and to look over what Im supposed to be doing, but there’s nothing ever there. I want this to be an interractive blog. People are commenting like every minute on my new little project. That’s what I wanted my fashion blog to be like, but it just does not seem to be working.  You know what I mean? I haven’t updated in ages, you guys probably thought I was dead and or just didn’t care.
I mean being real with myself, I don’t really have anything to offer. There isn’t anything particularly special about me. I mean, I’m not plus size, I’m not super skinny, I’m right in the middle, its not difficult for me to find clothing to wear, except or like bottoms. Which my mother and I can make. I’m not the best seamstress, and all the tutorials, I’ve uploaded you can basically find anywhere else, or dig out of your common sense box.
I can be honest. I’m no where near a makeup guru. So I’m not really helping anyone, so what am I supposed to do? I mean I’m eating up bandwith by having so many blogs open at one time anyway. I’m not super funny or quirky, I’m not amazing, and I’m not really one of a kind. I mean I’m sure if you looked hard enough you could find someone that looks like me, or talks like me, or even owns their own little business/blog/website/youtube/etsy, like I do, so I mean what makes me unique enough to have 13 people keep me around?
I really don’t know.
P.S. I’m sick and cold, because the furnace went out in my house. So dad went and bought an exorbitant amount of space heaters, but I guess the wiring in the house is wierd or can’t take the ampage or whatever, because everyonce in a while, like a few sexonds ago, the electricity will go out. So I’ve had to be dealing with that. Then when the electricity comes back on, the heaters start with cold air and then they start to warm up, So I’m not really getting any better.
In actual fashion news, I have discovered two really good plus size fashion blogs, for girls who do fall in that range and are having trouble finding cute things to wear. http://cupcakesclothes.blogspot.com/ Is written by Georgina, Who I find just to be gorgeous, she’s quirky and funny and her blog is a delightful read.
http://buttonsbowsandbrogues.blogspot.com/ Is written by Stephanie, whose African-American, so she’s catering to two bases. I loved some of her outfits on there, and I think you guys will too, but please work on helping me convince her that it is NOT cool to wear fur. Thanks.
So Please, Go Visit! Show these ladies some love!
P.S.2 I am not a fan of Peter Pan Collars, and these ladies seem to be, so have fun!
Lace kisses from Rouge lips,


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