Fashion Friday: Purple Lace 12.17.10

January 27, 2011

So I found this dress on my time line, it automatically jumped out at me. You all know that I am addicted to lace. So this is the dress I found.  
So here are two dresses I found that resemble this.
 Guess $45 
 Guess/Macy’s $74.00
Here’s a really cute pair of shoes to go with it. 

Rue 21 $15
Now none of the dresses I found have a ribbon belt to cinch the waist. But don’t despare! With this link below:
Budget Fashionista shows you how to make your own.
Happy D.I.Y. In,
Hope you enjoyed Fashion Friday.
P.S. Just leave me a pic of the next outfit you would like me to find in my inbox, Or leave me a photo url in my ask box.


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