My fantastical hair journey: Coming Soon

June 6, 2011

 So I know this is my personal style blog but I'm adding a segment where I talk about my hair. If you haven't seen it here are a few pictures of my hair.

As you can see from both pictures, It can lay flat when it wants but it is short and always curled into a bob. I want to grow my hair out. To look like this preferreably.

So this is how I will be spending my summer. Growing out my hair and bringing it back from the dead. My aunt is a cosmotologist and will be helping me on this gargantuan task.  So Every week I will go to her for a consultation and then She will take care of my hair and show me how to do it. What products and things of that nature, Which I will then take pictures of and upload  to here. So you guys can hop on my bandwagon if you wish.

Looking forward to this adventure,


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