Proper Introduction/Pre- New York

June 30, 2011

 Gabriella Here. You probably don't know me, but if you continue to read and visit, I'll let you in.  I'm a college sophomore. I can NOT wait until School starts up again. I miss having my own room. I miss seeing all of my friends and all of my classes. I'm really gong to be focusing on school this semester. I don't plan on participating in anything other than N.E.K.O. I plan on going for the secretary position! Wish me luck will ya?

 I'm a history major, with a mother-approved business minor. Lately I've been really into Fashion and makeup, But I don't plan on changing my academic plan.  I enjoy a large amount of things like playing the flute and violin. Crochet, kniting and sewing. Playing video games, cooking, and the way I've run blogs before was to have a particular blog for each subject. But lets be real. I'm fucking lazy ( I cuss a lot I'm trying to refrain, but I like a little uncensorship every now and again.)

 So I'm hoping this blog will have enough space to encompass everything  I need/feel/want to write about. So here's to hoping you enjoy reading, Because I certainly enjoy writing it.

The Emerald Arachnid,


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