Handheld Mistress #1: When you're stuck between layton and a hardplace

June 30, 2011

 So Lovely readers. I did hint that I would be doing a strategy guide for a few of the games I'd gotten off of ebay right? Well, I have just about fallen in love with the Professor Layton series. I have The Curious Village and The Diabolical Box. I found out that the box came second. So I started on the Curious Village. I am one of those people that LOVE puzzles. But that does NOT mean that puzzles love me. Hahah.
 Although, I think I'm doing pretty well with the puzzles in the game so far.  I was just let into the clocktower. I am 6 hrs an 42 minutes into the game. and I have solved 23/31 puzzles. There are just those few that I couldn't solve and decided to go around. So, if any one has any questions about the first 23 puzzles, I can help and then I shall Document from puzzle 24 and on ward!
!!Spoiler Alert!!

 We (Professor Layton, Luke and I) are on the search for the Rheinhold's missing Servant Ramon... He may have something to do with Simon's Death. On our search, We are allowed into the Clock tower. You will encounter a little girl and A cat playing keep away with a mouse. Both have puzzles. ( Neither of which I could solve at the time so I skipped and kept moving)  As you continue in you will come across two people. An elderly woman that you've seen before and a Man with a handlebar mustache,He is called Zarpone.  The elderly woman has a line puzzle awaiting you. She wants you to circle the one that can NOT be drawn with only one line. Passing the two of them, you will run into a man that has horrible eyesight and is always losing something, He has a puzzle about a straight rope and coins ( If you feel like you have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD) then by all means attempt his puzzle.
 I on the other hand Kindly excused myself and continued to walk, You will run into yet ANOTHER man, who will tell you about Zarpone. Moving past him, you will meet a nice man named Archabald, Who has puzzle No. 040 (How old is dad?) waiting for you. This one is worth 30 picarats, So you wanna try an get this right on the first try.
 The father is as old as the son and half of his own age.  The son is 22. How old is the dad?
The way they explain it is to use a Proportion. I was never great at  math. So I did it the easy way. He said he was as old as the son. So I took the son to be half of him. 22 + 22 = 44. The father is 44 years old.

Until next time, may the logic of Layton be with you.
P.S. The Layton Puzzle strategy guide will be updated every other day.
Looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday.

Handheld Mistress Out,


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