Jade goes bowling

July 2, 2011

 Tomorrow, my family and I start on our Journey to NEW YORK! I am so very very excited and I am very very alert. I'm so happy we are leaving mega early, because there is no way that I would be able to go to sleep tonight. Because My two besties, Dazzle and Frenchie are freaking awesome! They kidnapped me last night and we went out to eat and then bowling, because its our two favorite things to do. Having that much fun in 3 hours should NOT be legal. This was my first experience of Chinese Food. I was super cautious about what to try because I didn't want to blow up like a hot air balloon. I'm allergic to all kinds of nuts. Tree nuts, Regular nuts, Coconuts and Peanut butter. I've always been told that most Chinese Dishes have some type of nuts in them. I was very surprised though, because I was able to eat most of the food.  I tried: Shrimp in butter (It was amazing), Sweet n Sour Chicken ( No sauce, I didn't care for it), Salmon ( My mouth salivated while I waited for them to put more in the buffet), Petite Jello Fours ( Citrus and Strawberry deliciouso!), Shrimp wrapped in bacon ( I ate a LOT of Shrimp), Fried Chicken ( Why can't the mount cook food like this?!?!), They had all kinds of delicious looking seafood, but a lot of it was uncooked... I was very sad.
 Towards the end of stuffing ourselves silly, our lovely waitress left us three fortune cookies. Dazzle told us newbs about adding in bed to the end of them. So we then continued to do each one with in  bed at the end. Hilarity Ensued. I was so happy I brought along my camera so you guys could see it too!

 We then went bowling and adorable Frenchie lacks So much rhythm.  Please enjoy us trying to teach her the stanky leg and us showing off our victory dances.  

and I won by the way.

The Emerald Arachnid,


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