July 12, 2011

 So I was on gameinformer today. I saw that the "daily show?" or whatever said that Adult gamers are weird...

 So being an adult gamer is weird, but how weird are you when you show up on your OWN television program looking like this?

I don't see any room for them to be giving any type of Judgement!

So, the last game on my ebay cheaping Spree came yesterday. Finally Pokemon Diamond arrived. Its super adorable, and I actually recognized some of the pokemon. So I feel like Skipping generations is bad! Working with Chimchar I'm working up the ladder to being the greatest pokemon trainer in the Sinnoh League! So When Diamond arrived, I took a picture of my DS + Gameboy Cartridge collection. I think its pretty decent for only having a D.S. for a month.

Handheld Mistress out!


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