So...I just realized something, Fleeting popularity does NOT translate...

July 20, 2011

 So, I've been running blogs since the 7th grade. It's something I think I will always be doing. For like Eternity. It's like ... a legal addiction. It's just something that I have to do. When I'm bored, I write a blog entry. When I'm sad/mad/depressed I write a blog entry. When I'm hyper, I write a spell check's worst nightmare blog entry. You have no idea how many times I've been super hyper ( Excited about an event , or going on a date, or just had one too many poptarts) and published an entry thinking its the shit, and then come back days later and realized that I've misspelled the word "the". As a girl who did nothing but spelling bees from Kindergarten to 9th grade, it frightens me.....
 Anywho, No matter how many blogs I've written, or where they've been hosted...I have like no one leaving me any feedback (that I can use, we will not speak of the tumblr debacle.) Especially here on blogger. Now, I realize this is a new destination, and that I change urls like I change earrings. (Drives Ashton nuts!!! He likes to read it when I'm not around, and it pisses him off to no end to have to ask for the url...)
  When I had my Tumblr... For almost a year, I decided to upload my original blogger to it... That has been one of the things I regret most about blogging. My original blog, was located at Wordpress, I'd heard so much about it and I was so excited to get to work. It was called, a sophisticated slice of conversation, and I was a brand new 7th grader and talking about the problems of a student starting a new grade. I had a few page views but nothing spectacular. I didn't back up my entries, now that I'm older and its almost 6 years later, I realize I should have created a home blog, and even when I ventured out, I should have kept copies of the entries there. Yea, I can cut and paste from places I've traveled. Like Xanga, and Tumblr. But it doesn't keep the date, it doesn't keep the symmetry of my writing. You can't see How I've molded and grown.
 What I need is someone who is super duper Internet/Rss Feed savvy and to Rss my old entries from Tumblr and Xanga, and import them into blogger...Do you guys know anyone like this??!?! That would be super helpful haha. But I'm getting off topic. When I transfered to tumblr, I was so super excited!!! It's entire platform was just amazing, easy to use, easy to customize (I'm a girl, what do you want from me?) And Now that I'm not there I can see the final number of followers and page views and all that good and fun jazz!!! So for Prince Canary ( Which began as Kurokousagi-The life through Bunny Ears. The Final Follower count was 101. 1,669 Posts. Now you can see why I want to import everything!!! Now Kurokousagi was my personal blog, I talked about all my activities and went back and forth between importing everything into one spot.

 So now that you've seen them and can actually go visit ( if you want) I can finally get to the point of the entry (ain't I such a stinka? *Bugs Bunny voice*) Basically, I just wanted to talk about the fact that I don't know if I have a lot of readers or not, because no one is telling me anything!! I have all my links in the side bar *except twitter* I'm thinking of including a page counter...
  I've been thinking that once I import all of my followers from the previous blogs *a.k.a. ones above* will migrate here, is that just wishful thinking??

Emerald Arachnid,


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