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July 6, 2011

Claire here! Now that I'm finally out of coding classes I'm free to take the time to check my messages and, create this lovely blog, and otherwise ignore the art stuff I told myself I'd do once out of class. Getting on the internet will do that to a person. XD

Anyways, I haven't been completely ignoring my artsy duties. I've finished a couple of my I'm a Kitty Cat comics (here's the latest! *cough-cough-not-advertising-really-cough*-> http://fav.me/d3k2b9d) with another one in the works, have been a busy laundry ninja, and have spent time with my lovely fluff-stuffs (aka the kitty-cats) who did not get enough attention while I was at school.

And scarves- I've been knitting quite a few scarves. One of these days I'll learn to knit something other than scarves and hats... maybe... if I have to... XD

Anyway, I must be off. Live long and prosper, readers.


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